Curtain trailers

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Our curtain trailers: designed to simplify your life

  • Easily load and move merchandise on the sides of the trailer, but also via the rear, airtight barn doors;
  • Rest the trailer against a dock for rapid loading & unloading of merchandise with the help of a lift;
  • Transport varied material sizes and shapes;
    Securely attach products of various lengths with detachable anchoring points and multiple available straps;
  • Protect your shipment thanks to our canvas walls reinforced with aluminum beams;
  • Benefit from the combined advantages of a curtain trailer and a conventional closed trailer.

A Bourret curtain trailer offers:

  • Curtains attached on tracks for quick & easy movement;
  • Airtight, rear barn doors with a double-bolt system adapted for curtains;
  • 101" wide and 104" high internal free space;
  • A platform high enough to rest on a dock: 47" when suspension is lowered and 51 ½" when raised;
  • Plastic corner protections to protect your merchandise when docking;
  • Twin axles allowing loads of up to 20,400 kg (45,000 lb) during the thaw period and 24,500 kg (54,000 lb) for the rest of the year;
  • Galvanized steel structure with an aluminum platform.

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