C-TPAT Certified LTL service between Canada and the UNited States

Bourret benefits
  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Online services

Bourret International offers complete Canada – USA  LTL and warehousing service to all its clients.

Our fleet dedicated exclusively to Canada-USA shipments includes two-axle, heated trailers.

Our certifications include C-TPAT(Customs-Trade partnership Against Terrorism) since  2006, Partners in Protection (PIP) since 2012. In addition to all dangerous goods certifications needed to operate within Canada and across the US border.

Security at Bourret International is assured at all times by a number of devices and personnel. Rigorous access control is enforced by pass keys and surveillance cameras. We also have a secured section within our warehouse. These top of the line measures enable Bourret International to go a step beyond the criteria established to fight terrorism or other outside threats.

Furthermore, our secured online services at Bourret International are available for you to enter your pick-up and delivery requests, track your shipments and access your documents and more. All this is possible with Group Bourret's fully automated services.