April 14, 2016

More than just warehousing

valerie bourret
by Valérie Bourret

When you launch a sales & distribution company, the first step is always to handle the wares yourself. However as the company grows, warehousing becomes more complex. Multiple types of merchandise to manage, a larger team and additional space requirements become issues to contend with. You need external warehousing services that offer much more than just shelving your merchandise for you.

This is exactly what we offer at Bourret Warehousing: turn-key orders management, from the reception of goods to delivery to your clients. As you will see, Bourret’s services offer a multitude of advantages that you do not want to miss on.

Direct railroad access

Good warehousing services must be accessible and able to deliver across great distances. This is one of the major advantages offered by Bourret Warehousing thanks to it's direct railroad access. Your merchandise passes quickly from railcar to warehouse and then on to your customers.

Inventory management and delivery

At Bourret, we also offer online services. Inventory listings and shipment tracking are available in your web access. Our system is programmed to be capable of handling a great diversity of products and wares. We also recently developed a new more efficient order tracking system which means less management and more savings!

Reception of merchandise takes all forms

Whether by train, truck or container; liquids or solids, pallets, rolls or even machinery: we are well equipped to handle your goods and store them with ease! Again in this context our railroad access is a major advantage, just like our specialized equipment which allows us to year after year manage in many ways a large variety of products.

Warehousing for all types

We are now in the heart of the matter: warehousing. No matter the kind of merchandise or its time in our care, we have what you need to house your inventory in our more than 300,000 ft² warehouses. Is your product liquid? No problem! We have a transfer plant for storing liquids in containers of various formats, even cistern trucks and railcars for higher volumes. We also have interior, controlled temperature holding tanks to store your raw materials until needed for transformation into finished product.

Order fulfillment

Do you have a shipment that needs to be sent to one of your clients? With a simple call or click, Bourret will handle it: finding the right products in the computer system, labeling and packing, loading it in a truck, train or container and its on its way! Trusting us with your orders saves you a great deal of time and worries and allows you to concentrate your efforts elsewhere. Not to mention the peace of mind offered by online shipment tracking offered by our recently improved computer system.

Rapid delivery across a vast distribution network

Bourret’s warehousing services also means a 24 hour delivery for all your clients located in or near major Quebec centers, the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario and also the New England region of the United States. What makes our delivery stand out from other warehousing services? Our direct access to a railroad network and the strategic location of our warehouses. You will indeed benefit from a efficient delivery service with our warehouses located in Montreal and Drummondville right next highways 20 and 55 access. Highly useful strategic locations!

Bourret warehousing pros

Vast warehouses, direct railroad access and computerized management are certainly significant advantages, but experience is also crucial. Since 1985, we have been hard at work to continually improve our warehousing methods. Thirty years of experience speaks for themselves! From flour warehousing back in the day to machinery storage today, our services have evolved, but our passion remains the same. This is why Bourret’s turn-key warehousing services are designed to simplify your life. With us, your merchandise is in good hands!

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