June 2, 2014

My country is winter

Jeremy Picard
by Jeremy Picard

Isn’t it warm and nice outside? Lawnmowers have taken the place of shovels and swimsuits are now worn instead of heavy coats. Do you even remember the cold? Do you miss it? Don’t worry, the snow is gone forever (Or until next fall, whichever comes first)

According to The Weather Network, the 2013-2014 winter was the coldest since 1993-1994, so for the past 20 years! The greatest influence on this record was March. The average temperature for this month was four degrees under average. April was three degrees under.

What does this mean for a transport company? Well first the thaw period was delayed significantly. Three times, the Ministry of Transportation pushed the date back. What normally starts in early March started this year now started at the end instead, and even in early April for some places.

Fun fact : Some people say that we simply skipped over spring. We went directly from winter to summer. What do you have to say about that?

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