November 28, 2014

Promoting collegial studies

valerie bourret
by Valérie Bourret

On Wednesday, my brother and I had the chance to promote the transportation and logistics program of studies with secondary school students from Quebec City and Charlevoix, who will have to make a choice in Cegep in a year or two. We built different activity station in the trailer to give them a taste of what is ‘’logistics’’.

Education is very important, and if we can do a difference in one of this kid’s future choices then our mission will be accomplished. The program Cegep Garneau built to get secondary students interested in collegial studies and more specifically into programs that are less ‘’popular’’ is fantastic. Those are industries that are essential to the society, dynamic and in full effervescence but where we predict we will have a worker shortage in the near future. Transportation and logistics being one of them, it was totally natural for us to get involved.

Learn more by visiting the link below:

Cegep Garneau


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