April 1, 2014

Spring thaw period, beginning March 31st 2014

valerie bourret
by Valérie Bourret

Since 0h01 yesterday, the thaw period has started in Quebec, more precisely in zone 1. At this time of year, the temperature variations makes the routes in Quebec more vulnerable. This is why there are loads restrictions on the road network. To know more about the thaw period and the different zones, you can consult the Ministry of Transport of Quebec website by clicking on the following image:




The thaw period in zone 1 is scheduled until May 30th 2014. As the deadline might change depending on the meteorological conditions, we will keep you updated.

Shippers and carriers must be vigilant during this period since controls are more frequent at the weight stations located along highways. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that shipments meet the standards specifications and dimensions of the Ministry of Transport of Quebec.

Concerning this subject, we invite you to consult our frequently asked questions page on our new website:


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