July 3, 2015

Toronto is hosting the 2015 Pan-Am and Para Pan-Am Games!

valerie bourret
by Valérie Bourret

It will be a sensational summer this year as Toronto welcomes the Pan-Am and Para Pan-Am Games 2015, which will be held from July 10th to August 15th.

The Pan-Am and Para Pan-Am games represents 7,000 athletes from 41 nations, competing in over 36 sports, which is twice as big as the the 2010 Vancouver Olympics in terms of participants.

In order to ensure the success of the games, the city has to impose some major traffic restrictions, which will, naturally, cause dramatic increase in traffic flow from July 10th to August 15th. Due to the inconvenience we will unfortunately be forced to assess a flat pickup and delivery surcharge of $30.00 per shipment that is either picked up at or delivered to addresses located in the following postal codes:

affected area (by postal code)

Should a shipment move from one affected area to another, the charge will be assessed twice. Therefore, during this period only, we will be unable to guarantee service within any part of the Greater Toronto Area. However we can guarantee you that we will do our very best to meet all appointments and standard transit times. We encourage you to plan accordingly when scheduling time-sensitive shipments during this period.

Your ongoing business is very important to us and we appreciate your understanding and patience in regard to the logistical challenges that we will be facing during this time.


The Bourret Team

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