March 21, 2014

Welcome on our new website!

valerie bourret
by Valérie Bourret

As you can see, we proceeded to a complete rebranding of our image. Here is a glimpse of what you will find on the Bourret Group’s new website :

Extended details on our different services
A bunch of different images that will get you to know us better from page to page
Many dynamic videos which will inform you more on our company and on our services
A section devoted to employment, career opportunities, living in Drummondville, employee testimonials, etc.
A section specially devoted to our equipment and our mechanic garage
A re-written history
A contact form for all your questions
A blog!
The last point brings us to ask you: What would you like to see on our blog? It’s a new concept for us, and we are doing it for you. Therefore, we want to make sure our content pleases you. This is why we listed some potential subjects below from which we would like you to select all of those that interest you.

Our goal is to offer you interesting content weekly, so we strongly value your opinion.

Do not forget to watch our short videos, to follow us on social medias as well as to register for our newsletter!

For any further comments/questions, do not hesitate to contact me personally by email.

Enjoy the tour!


Valérie Bourret
Marketing executive for the Bourret Group

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