custom made LTL Transportation Services

With Bourret Transport you will benefit from a custom made LTL transportation service that will answer all your needs. Our trucks are equipped with the most advanced hydraulic lifts which enables loading and unloading at any location. Should you need it, space can be maximized using our double-floored trailers. What’s more, they are equipped with heating units to ward off the cold. Straight trucks provide service where tractor-trailers can not reach. Our state-of-the-art equipment surpasses environmental standards and offers a greener and more cost efficient service. (for more information on our equipment, click here.

When you trust Group Bourret with your transportation needs, you will also benefit from :

  • Our online services for better work efficiency within your company.
  • Our 250,000-square-foot loading dock in Drummondville.
  • Sophisticated computer based integrated management systems.
  • Our certified drivers for the transportation of hazardous materials.
  • A 24-hour service in most regions of Quebec and Ontario, up to and including the Greater Toronto Area.

Contact our logistics division for fast and efficient handling of all your shipments to and from the rest of Canada.

For all your logistics needs for international shipments and/or shipments to or from the United States, contact us.

Doing business with Group Bourret is to work with an efficient and competent company that has your best interests at heart.

If you do not yet have a freight quotation with us, contact one of our agents today. We will be happy to schedule a meeting to discuss your transportation as well as storage needs, and how we can best serve you.

Bourret benefits
  • Online services
  • Fast delivery
  • Transport of dangerous goods
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Definition of LTL
LTL Transport
LTL is an acronym for Less than TruckLoad. It is the transportation of relatively small freight. LTL freight does not require full truck space. Smaller shipments are co-loaded with other smaller shipments going to the same destination or in the same route. Bourret Transport specializes in this type of transportation.