Times are changing, but not our passion for LTL.

24 January 2018


We often say: “other days, other ways,” but not for Transport Bourret. 90 years later, its mission remains the same; to be at the service of its clients.

Like many large companies, Transport Bourret is born from a simple idea. At the time, Ludger Bourret bought a truck to serve his village. He regularly travelled to the Bonsecours Market in Montreal, the first exchange market. He traded flour, which he produced himself at his mill, as well as butter from neighbouring villages. In return, he brought back to the village some basic construction products for the Saint-Eugene general store: nails, nuts and mortar.

Decade after decade, the service offered at the base of the company has always remained the same. However, it must be said that it has evolved!

The freight transportation industry has long been regulated in Canada, so transportation companies were limited in their operations and development. At that time, Transport Bourret was carrying out several types of transportation services.

As a result of the deregulation of the industry in January 1988, freight companies were given the freedom to choose the industry in which they wanted to operate, as well as the areas in which they wanted to offer their services.

At that time, several trucking companies moved towards the truckload avenue which is operationally less complex. For its part, Transport Bourret benefited from this opportunity to return to its roots by truly specializing in LTL transportation and offering its services in the main urban centres of Quebec and Ontario, in addition to rural and remoter areas.

During his first trip to Montreal aboard his Diamond T, Ludger Bourret probably did not suspect that he had just founded a company that would shatter 90 years!

by Valérie Bourret
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