We’ve been in the shipping business for nearly 100 years. Four generations of serving clients. And through it all, we’ve delivered tens of thousands of orders on time without breakage or loss. Times may change, but our commitment to delivering excellence never does.


We use only the most advanced and efficient equipment so we can provide a highly reliable service. We work with the best equipment on the road, in the workshop, and in the warehouse.


  • Over 200 trucks for all distances
  • Over 400 enclosed and tautliner trailers
  • Heating units on most trailers
  • Double floors on most trailers
  • Trailers with hydraulic tailgates and tie-down systems
  • The latest energy-efficient technology


  • 405,000 sq. ft. of storage space
  • Over 60 forklifts for transshipping
  • Maximum dock space to limit unnecessary trips


  • Mechanical repair garage with 14 doors and 4 pits
  • Washing station and electric bridge crane
  • The latest mechanical maintenance equipment

Our history

Transport Bourret was founded in 1928 by Ludger Bourret in Saint-Eugène, near Drummondville. Like many big companies, Transport Bourret was born out of a simple idea. Ludger Bourret bought a truck to deliver goods to his town. He made regular trips to Bonsecours market, the oldest public market in Montréal. Ludger transported flour ground from his own mill as well as butter from neighboring villages which he traded for nails, bolts and mortar to take back to the general store in Saint-Eugène. Without realizing it, Ludger had founded a company that would still be in operation nearly a century later.

Trucking quickly became the Bourret family business. As soon as Ludger’s sons were old enough to drive, he bought them each a truck. During the Second World War, some Bourret trucks were painted khaki green because the army had the right to requisition them at any time. Over the years, Transport Bourret has weathered many storms, including World War II, financial and oil crises, and even 9/11. But although the rules of the game continue to change, Transport Bourret has shown decade after decade that it can adapt and handle anything.

Transport Bourret capitalized on the period of economic growth after the war to expand its operations and move to Drummondville. When Ludger’s son François took over in 1985, he had big plans for the family business. He wanted to diversify. A few months later he created the warehousing division, and later the international logistics division. In 2007, Transport Bourret relocated its head office after acquiring a five million square foot property. The new space had plenty of room for the head office and many other future projects. The office takes up 100,000 square feet and the loading dock uses 250,000 square feet.

Transport Bourret is on track to make history and celebrate its 100th anniversary stronger than ever. The fourth generation of Bourrets are already being brought into the management team. Transport Bourret continues to invest in improving its processes and in cutting-edge technology.

Community engagement

We love where we’re from and we want to give back and make a difference in our community.


Educational/community support