Logistics / United States

Our cargo specialists have decades of experience working on complicated logistics projects and arranging custom shipments. Getting good advice always makes things easier.


The expertise and the technology you need

Our logistics services cover everything from personalized support to optimizing your shipping department. We can manage your warehousing and oversee distribution in North America. When you’ve got an emergency shipment that needs to go out fast and requires special attention, we know how to make it happen—and we’ll avoid pitfalls along the way.


Full logistics support for international shipping

As needed, we provide logistics advice on all international shipments requiring special attention. We have state-of-the-art equipment and a fleet of trucks dedicated specifically to shipments from and to the United States.

Bourret International is fully certified to carry hazardous materials across the Canadian border.

  • C-TPAT certification: Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
  • PIP certification: Canada Border Services Agency’s Partners in Protection program

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