Bourret has been leading the way in LTL shipping for over 90 years. We can point to nearly a century of improvements, on the road and in our technology. That’s what makes us so efficient—we’re constantly developing and striving to meet new standards of reliability.

Delivering on time with no breakage or loss.
For 90 years.

LTL Quebec

The best coverage in Quebec—and stunningly efficient, too

We serve all Quebec’s regions that have a high volume of LTL deliveries. You won’t find anyone faster. We guarantee delivery within 24 hours in most towns and cities. Transport Bourret will even pick up and deliver goods in hard-to-reach areas, including sites that don’t have shipping and receiving docks.


LTL Ontario

24-hour shipping in the Greater Toronto Area

We have a huge fleet of trucks dedicated to serving most of Ontario. And our vast network of partners allows us to cover even more ground. Our high-tech trucks exceed environmental standards and are extremely energy efficient on long hauls.



24–48-hour shipping in the U.S. Northeast

We ship quickly to the U.S., particularly the border states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and New York. Transport Bourret is C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certified, so your merchandise will pass safely and easily through U.S. customs. Our storage facilities are located near the border and are fully equipped to serve as your distribution center for the Canadian market.

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Quick shipping to anywhere in Canada or the U.S.

Do you have a full truckload to ship? Contact us and we’ll assess your needs. We’ll get it to where it needs to go in Canada or the U.S., no matter how long or short the trip.

Transits & Terminals

24 h [ 1 day ]
48 h [ 2 days ]
72 h [ 3 days ]
96 h [ 4 days ]
120 h [ 5 days ]
120 h [ 6 days ]
168 h [ 7 days ]
192 h [ 8 days ]
216 h [ 9 days ]
Terminals and warehouses

Personalized service

Do you have special pickup, delivery, or merchandise needs? We’re here to help.

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What is  LTL?

LTL is like public transportation, but for goods instead of people.

LTL stands for Less-than-TruckLoad. Everything’s in the same truck, but it’s from multiple clients. Cargo that’s all going to same way can be loaded into the same truck. That way, the truck can make a single trip, yet pick up from and deliver to several places. This also makes it more affordable for clients to ship their goods, even if their cargo is too small to take up a whole truck.


An experienced shipper makes things so much easier.

We take hazardous materials very seriously. All our drivers are accredited and undergo training every year to update their skills. Our team complies with the law and uses best practices:

  • Safe cargo loading
  • Official document preparation
  • Cargo protection
  • Emergency procedures in case of an accident