Looking to the Future

22 March 2018


The Bourret Group is a family business that is resolutely turned towards the future. To serve its customers is the mission that has always been pursued. In order to respect this strong customer relationship mandate and adapt to the market, the company has always advocated innovative solutions tailored to the needs of its customers. Over time, major investments have been made to improve the technologies and services offered.

First of all, the implementation of Logirak, our integrated management software, has allowed data centralization and better cooperation between the different departments. In fact, this system, which is at the heart of our business, orchestrates the links between all our operations and ensures better follow-up for our clients. Thus, this program makes it possible to offer to our customers a service of quality, a service of choice.

Secondly, in order to integrate the digital age, the company has set up a modern, user-friendly and practical platform. This platform, named Zone Bourret, offers customers the opportunity to save time by having access to a ton of services on an ad hoc and autonomous basis. This platform allows the company to stand out and be faithful to the same quality of service offered since 1928.

Thirdly, when a customer makes the decision to entrust his goods to the Bourret Group, it is a tailor-made service and scalable solutions that are offered to him. It should be noted that the service offered is characterized as being flexible and adapted. This results from the fact that when providing transportation services, we offer the possibility of adding certain options such as the hydraulic lift or the double floor in the trailers. Moreover, the development of our geographic network, the speed of service and the use of recent equipment meeting the latest environmental standards allow us to offer a high-quality service.

As for our warehousing services, no details are neglected. In particular, we take in charge inventory, order picking, labelling and distribution on our extensive transportation network. A service that is qualified as simple, fast, efficient and synonymous of quality!

In conclusion, it is not only the services offered that gives the Bourret Group its notoriety. In fact, when you choose the Bourret Group, you bet on a proud, professional company and the members of its team who carry the same distinctions.

by Valérie Bourret
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