Enter the Bourret Zone

2 May 2018


Do you know Zone Bourret?

If you are a client of the Bourret Group, you should definitely know and use this tool at the cutting edge of technology. In particular, this web platform gives you access to a ton of services and information in one place, while being easy to use. Thus, making use of Zone Bourret is synonymous with speed and reliability.

For example, it is possible to quickly obtain a quote that you can subsequently transfer to a pickup request. In addition, you do not have to worry about filling out your shipping document, the bill of lading, since this tool gives you the opportunity to have it printed automatically completed by the system. In addition, once your goods have been picked up, you have the opportunity to track your shipment step by step, until the final destination.

Wait, there is more!

Among other things, you have access to your account statement, your proof of deliveries and your tariff agreement. In addition, weekly fuel surcharge rates are posted.

Although our Zone Bourret platform is at the cutting edge of technology, we are constantly looking for improvements in order to maintain and even increase its quality of usage. Indeed, our primary goal is to align our services with our mission, which is to serve our customers so that they are fully satisfied with the services provided.

With a desire of continuously improving the platform, we invite you to participate in our very short survey;

Would you like to explore Bourret Zone a little more? Just click on the following link, 3 videos are waiting for you:

by Valérie Bourret
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