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30 January 2023

The Bourret Group is a service company that plays a major role in the Quebec economy.

Everything you buy in store has at one point or another been transported by a truck, transhipped on a dock, all orchestrated by an operations team and a customer service team.

When it comes to the Bourret Group, our role is clear. However, providing an excellent service is not our only priority.

Social involvement is a value that we will always carry proudly!

Our support for the Des Chênes-toi! Bourret race is certainly one of the commitments that makes us the most proud. Being the presenter of the second largest race in Quebec is an honor!

Our involvement with this cause encourages the promotion of health and healthy lifestyles on a very large scale. It allows access to everyone, and at a lower cost.

The 14th edition of the Des Chênes-toi! Bourret race will take place on May 21st, are you ready to take up your challenge?

All the details can be found here :

by Marilyn Demers
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