Being a Mechanic

4 October 2016

Mysteries Under the Hood? Not for This Experienced Mechanic!

It was an intermittent problem, almost undetectable. A special case, the kind Michael calls a beautiful challenge. Too complicated to explain – you had to be there to understand. Thus began one of the real-life stories told by the mechanic with white hands and clean nails!

Interview with Michael Gauthier, a Mechanic Who Has Been with Bourret for the Last Ten Years

What Is a Day at Work Like for You?

It’s never the same, I do not know in advance what I will have to repair or adjust. It can be a motor, a transmission… I repair everything on all types of trucks. There is always something to do!

What Are Your Main Challenges?

I have to be up to date technically; adapt to new technologies, such as emission control systems that are always changing and evolving; be knowledgeable about the interactions between the different systems. In short, I need to know how to repair everything, while everything is constantly evolving. In this business, one must learn quickly, find the problems and be self-sufficient. A truck is far more complicated than a car!

What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

I enjoyed many achievements thanks to my job! I am proud to have all mechanic grades and to have passed all qualifying examinations. I would also add that I have always been able to solve the problems presented.

What Are Your Opportunities for Advancement?

For me, it would be interesting to be a truck driver later, but for now, I’m not there yet. It is certain that my mechanical knowledge would give me an advantage. And as I physically work hard as a mechanic, that would be a welcome change of pace!

What Qualities and Skills Are Essential to Properly Perform Your Job?

You have to be a perfectionist and meticulous. Sometimes, smaller details are hard to find. It is important to clean some parts thoroughly and take your time. When it takes three or four days to repair an engine, you do not want to start over! A truck off the road is not profitable.

You must also be methodical, have good physical endurance and coordination, learn how to manage your stress, find mechanical problems and know where we are going because repairs require specific steps. It also takes good basic computer knowledge: I am the one producing troubleshooting codes. Following repair procedures requires patience! Finally, you must not be claustrophobic because you have to squeeze into restricted spaces.

What Are Some Misconceptions Related to Your Job?

People mistakenly believe that mechanics are sometimes ill-mannered and post vulgar pictures in their workplace and that they are dirty! On the contrary, mechanics are proud people. In my case, I work with gloves and wear overalls, so I am clean when I get home. People also think we are not required to educate ourselves. But you do not become a mechanic by improvising. It is high-precision work that requires resourcefulness. You have to be careful and know how to maximize time and resources to maintain and repair trucks.

What Would You Say to Someone Who Wants a Career in This Field?

First, listen to the advice of more experienced colleagues because there are always things to learn even after receiving one’s mechanic diploma. For example, in school, we are not trained on all vehicle systems. Another tip is to always remember your own safety and never go too fast without first taking the right precautions. Finally, for a career in this field, you have to like autonomous work and demonstrate independence. This work also requires analytical skills.

What Are the Benefits of Working for Bourret?

A good salary and job stability are great advantages. It is not a seasonal job. Moreover, advancement opportunities are numerous within the company.

What Activities Are Organized at Bourret?

Activities such as running, karting, golf, an outing to the sugar shack, ice sliding, dragon boat races, dinner during a play, theme nights, etc. There’s a lot of camaraderie in the garage! We know each other very well and we sometimes do things together outside of work. Garage employees’ participation in activities organized by the company is outstanding for all shifts.

Are You Interested in a Position with Bourret?

If you have the experience and skills to meet the challenges of a mechanic or another position at Transport Bourret, please send us your application now!

by Valérie Bourret
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