The employees’ well-being at heart

2 March 2018


For 90 years, Transport Bourret has pursued its noble mission of being at the service of its customers. On a daily basis, employees create and maintain this relationship of trust with customers. For the company, it is essential to stick to its commitment and stay true to its family values towards its customers and its staff.

In order to promote the good work of its employees, the company provides a healthy working environment that is favorable to the development of each one. For truckers, it means state-of-the-art and well-maintained equipment. On the mechanics side, the employer provides all the tools needed to perform daily tasks. Yes, at Bourret, the toolbox is provided! Employees in other sectors are also entitled to good working conditions in an atmosphere that promotes teamwork. In fact, the office supply is the same for everyone, whether you work at customer service or as a top manager.

The Bourret family also inspires its employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle by encouraging participation in several sports activities supported by the company such as an evening of alpine skiing, a day of hiking, the “Des Chênes-Toi!” Bourret road race and the Défi le sentier! trail running event. In addition, family members of employees are also invited to participate in the proposed activities without any financial implications or minimal cost.

In brief, the maintenance of good working conditions, the common shared values ​​and the support offered to employees are undoubtedly part of the reasons that positions Transport Bourret as an employer of choice.

I want to join the team!

by Valérie Bourret
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