The Bourret Group Is Involved in Sustainable Development

21 April 2018


It was on April 22nd 1970, that Earth Day was celebrated for the first time. The reason for sustainable development initiatives is to take charge of the future of the planet so that only the natural resources needed to meet the needs of the people can be used without putting Earth’s health at stake.

As an organization working in the transportation industry, we can talk about what we do to reduce our ecological impact.

  • We optimize the routes of our truckers. Thus, we reduce our fuel consumption while preventing unnecessary travel. So, by maximizing routes, we reduce our environmental impact and increase the efficiency of our drivers.
  • We use road trains which implies a reduction in the number of trucks on the road, in addition to reducing fuel consumption.
  • We make sure to perform regular maintenance on our vehicles, which improves the energy efficiency of our trucks.
  • Our trucks all have a speed limit, which saves fuel and, at the same time, reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Finally, from year to year, we remain on the lookout for technological innovations surrounding the transportation industry, with the goal of making the necessary changes to reduce our ecological footprint.

by Valérie Bourret
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