LTL expert

10 July 2018


At Transport Bourret, our expertise has always been LTL type transport. When the company was founded back in 1928, the LTL was prioritized in order to meet the demand of the artisans of the village of Saint-Eugène in terms of transportation. Subsequently, even with the deregulation of the 80s forcing carriers to make a choice concerning their sectors of activity, Transport Bourret has always chosen to continue to stand out as an LTL transporter. It should be mentioned that with this deregulation, prioritizing the LTL was not the easiest way to go. However, this service has always been our specialty and the need for LTL transport is truly present in the region. That’s why, 90 years later, we continue to offer with passion day after day the best possible LTL transportation service.

What is LTL?

LTL is an acronym for Less-than-TruckLoad. In fact, the LTL is the transport of pallets in broken lots. This means that our truckers make several deliveries and pickings daily to different customers. It’s like public transit for humans, but for the goods. It is therefore possible for customers to make their goods travel at a competitive price, without using the entire space of the trailer.

How do we stand out?

In addition to providing 24-hour service in most parts of Quebec and even up to the Greater Toronto Area, Transport Bourret stands out in many aspects. In particular, we put the customer in the forefront of each of our decisions. In addition, we are able to offer our pick-up and delivery service even in areas that are more difficult to access thanks to our specialized equipment. Thus, we are able to visit sites that have no reception / shipping docks thanks to our many trailers equipped with hydraulic tailgates and pallet trucks.

by Marilyn Demers
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