Winning over the shortage of labor

26 July 2018


Part 1

All are aware of the shortage of labor currently affecting the vast majority of industries in Quebec. Our company is unfortunately not spared by this shortage. However, we prefer to see this new situation as a great challenge to overcome as a team. This is the right moment to put forward new strategies while keeping the essence of the Bourret Group; its principles and distinctive elements such as reliability, speed and simplicity.

According to the Minister of Employment, Mr. François Blais: “Over the next ten years, the Quebec job market will have to fill more than 1.3 million jobs, including more than 90,000 jobs that are currently vacant today, in Quebec.

In the field of transportation, more than 50,000 jobs will have to be filled by 2020.

In our daily lives, our operations are affected by this reduction in staff. This is reflected in the work of the truckers, because, we must constantly succeed in maximizing their routes to increase the efficiency of each trip. However, this shortage is driving us to be better, as we must continually improve our processes to continue to meet the ever-increasing demand of our customers.

For their part, the forklift drivers also feel the effects of the shortage. They now have to load and unload more than 200 trailers every night, while also experiencing variations in the number of employees.

Obviously, we are experiencing the effects of this shortage in several departments. It is therefore with daring and originality that we will come out on top of the game. For example, we participated in a recruitment mission in Europe. The people we met over there then immigrated to Canada in order to improve their living conditions and work for our company. They are currently working or will soon be working in our company as a trucker or a mechanic.

The Bourret Group feels very privileged to have a team in place ready to work hard to maintain our services at their highest level of quality despite the significant lack of staff.



by Marilyn Demers
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