Personalised Warehousing

25 February 2019


Since 1985, Entreposage Bourret offers to its customers a service adapted to their immediate needs. Warehousing, inventory management or a complete turnkey service, Entreposage Bourret is able to respond to its client’s requests. In this article, we are particularly interested in the everyday lives of our employees who devote their efforts to serving our warehousing clients. Among other things, we want to take a glimpse at their everyday challenges and what passionate them in this area. In order to answer our various questions, we asked for the help of Jacynthe Bédard who is the administrative supervisor of Entreposage Bourret.

What are the daily challenges?

The main daily challenge is to adapt to the needs of our customers. Given the diversity of our clients, we must be able to know the specific needs of each of them. Moreover, their needs are very variable. So, it is important that all the warehouse employees know the different specificities of our customers. In addition, every day we receive merchandise whose status we must check and confirm.

What services are offered in storage?

Due to Entreposage Bourret, our clients have access to a personalized service adapted to their specific needs. In particular, we offer safe storage with facilities equipped to meet the different needs. Thus, the received merchandise is stored, until we receive the indications of the customers for the delivery. In addition, being part of the Bourret Group, transportation needs are also facilitated by an efficient and well-established service. Another advantage of using our services is that we are able to receive wagons inside our warehouse.

How can customers track inventory?

Customers have the opportunity to receive reports at each of the receptions and shipments that are made to their account. Our Zone Bourret web platform also allows our customers to consult their inventory in real time at any time. In addition, they can examine the list of executed transactions. Our team is also happy to guide customers and answer their questions.

What do you like about this field of activity?

What is motivating in the field of storage is the diversity of tasks and the unpredictability of the days. At the same time, we develop a close relationship with our customers, which allows us to better meet their needs and offer a suitable service. Both in the office and on the floor, customer needs are clearly established and our staff is trained to adapt to the various requirements.

What are you passionate about in your work?

We must always go the extra mile to satisfy our customers and provide the best service, here are some reasons why this work is exciting. Also, we must adapt to the diversity of tasks and different software. In addition, we must have good adaptability to perform the various tasks during the day. Thus, every day, we must create orders as well as the bills of lading, proceed to the receipt of goods, make the follow-ups of the inventory, work jointly with the drivers and welcome the drivers who come to pick up the goods. Subsequently, one must be able to manage priorities and imponderables very well.

What separates Entreposage Bourret from other warehouses?

What distinguishes our services from other warehouses is above all the personalized service, our facilities that are well organized, the customer experience we offer and our computer system supported by our web platform Zone Bourret.

by Marilyn Demers
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