Manage 6000 Pallets Every Day

19 April 2019


We are curious to know and to let you know more about the daily work on the transshipment dock at Bourret. More precisely, the dock department manages 6000 pallets every day on its 250,000 square foot transloading dock with more than 60 lift trucks. But beyond these numbers, the daily work on the dock is described as dynamic, non-routine and challenging. In order to immerse ourselves in the daily life of this department, we asked some questions to Sammy Franzé, night foreman.

What is the main daily challenge on the dock?

Before mentioning what is the main daily challenge on the transshipment dock, it is important to note that forklift drivers, supervisors and others have to deal with different goods every day and with different deadlines. In particular, we have to deal with the unexpected, which is why the management of the priorities on the dock is at the base of its good functioning. On the other hand, the management of priorities also represents the main challenge of this department.

What do you like about the transportation industry?

Transportation is a constantly changing business, every day of the week we collect, receive, trade and deliver goods, 24 hours a day. So, I can say that the dynamism of transportation of goods is an element that makes me appreciate my work in this area.

What are you passionate about in your work?

The success of the work on the dock is undoubtedly the result of good teamwork. It is also this aspect of proximity to teammates and interpersonal relationships that make me passionate about this job. Being a foreman, I have to have a strong team spirit to load and unload more than 200 trailers each night. This collaboration of each one is therefore essential to the achievement of the objectives related to my work.

What distinguishes your department from others?

If I could use a comparison to answer that question, I would say, “If the truckers are the spearhead of the business, we are the handle that allows the truckers to aim right.” We are one of the teams in place that allows truckers to do their jobs every day.

by Marilyn Demers
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