The ugly traffic

7 June 2019

The summer season is upon us, which is also synonymous with the birth of many construction sites on our roads and infrastructure in Quebec. Although the works are necessary, the construction sites have unfortunately the effect of causing significant slowdowns in the road traffic. For example, when we take the metropolitan area of ​​Montreal, where traffic is already ubiquitous, and we add construction sites, the road network is even more condensed than usual. Moreover, in 2018, the international firm Inrix claimed that Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada where motorists spend the most time trapped in traffic jams. In fact, Toronto turns out to be the Canadian city with the highest wait times by car. In fact, Montreal is ranked 34th in the world in terms of traffic congestion.

When it comes to road traffic in the Montreal area, we can also think of the construction of the new Samuel-De Champlain Bridge, which began in 2015. Once this bridge is completed, the work in the Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Tunnel will begin in November 2019. Thus, work in the tunnel will extend over at least a period of 4 years and will cause just as many headaches to different road users. Did you know that more than 130,000 vehicles use this infrastructure every day? Of these, more than 15,000 trucks can be identified.

On our side, what about the work of our truckers? How does traffic and road works affect their daily work? Many of our truck drivers have to juggle many imponderable on a daily basis, which makes working days difficult. Unfortunately, they lose precious minutes in traffic jams, which makes working days longer. Traffic also brings its workload to dispatchers who must ensure that customers are all served. The reality of work in the transportation sector brings a lot of challenges, but that’s what we are made of!

Anyway, although the traffic sometimes makes our tasks more difficult, it is not an obstacle that will prevent the Bourret Group from achieving its objectives in order to offer you a customer service that meets your expectations.

And when you meet one of our truckers, do not hesitate to say thank you, they work very hard for you!

by Marilyn Demers
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