The Bourret Group; LTL Shipper’s Choice Award 2019

4 July 2019


The Bourret Group is proud to announce that, for the fourth consecutive year, we exceeded the “benchmark” of excellence of the Shipper’s Choice award contest held by Canadian Shipper.

The Shipper’s Choice award is a recognized competition in the trucking industry. This competition consists in surveying the customers of different carriers so that they evaluate, according to 8 performance indicators, the quality of the services of the transportation companies they use.

The selected indicators are the same for each edition of the contest. This recurrence allows companies to note their strengths and areas for improvement, year after year. So, the indicators are; punctuality, quality of equipment and operations, information technology, competitive pricing, customer service, leadership in problem solving, the ability to provide value-added services and practise sustainable transportation.

Following the result obtained last year, we said: “Certainly, it motivates us even more to exceed the expectations of our customers. We will work very hard to improve this result in 2019 and be part of the Shipper’s Choice Award again.” In light of this new and higher result, we can still say that we will continue to put efforts in order to always improve our services. It is a great honour for us to have obtained our best score yet since we are in the winners, list thanks to the votes of our customers and the hard work of our team!

If you have continued your reading so far until here, you are probably curious to see the results we obtained for this contest! Here is the table :

N On-time performance Quality of equipment & operations Information technology Competitive pricing Cus-tomer service Leadership in problem solving Ability to provide value-added services Sustainable Trans-porta-tion Practices Benchmark
IMPORTANCE IN INDUSTRY 2075   4.787 4.389 4.192 4.716 4.757 4.511 3.755 4.141
PERFORMANCE OF CARRIERS 3142   20.62 18.83 17.17 20.32 20.54 18.69 15.44 17.27 148.868


Your Results:

Bourret Transport  106   20.97           19.55            18.85              20.11              21.40     19.23           15.95        17.26          (153.32)


In closing, we would like to thank our clientele who took a moment to respond to the Shipper’s Choice award survey. It’s always nice to get feedback on the service we offer. We would also like to thank all of our team, who go the extra mile every day to offer you a service of choice that meets your expectations!

by Marilyn Demers
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