21st National Trucking Week (From September 1st to 7th, 2019)

5 September 2019


Did you know that if Montreal was closed to traffic, a wide variety of regularly consumed products would no longer be available to the public? Notably, some vegetables and other fresh foods, medicines and even health products.

Also, did you know that, on average, employees in the transportation and warehousing industry work more hours than the average Quebecer!

September 1st to 7th is the 21st National Trucking Week. This week is essential to remember the importance of the trucking industry in the Quebec economy and the importance of road freight transport in the daily lives of everyone.

The trucking industry is often characterized as a pillar of Quebec’s economy. So, in 2011, it represented $ 3.1 billion in gross domestic product for Quebec. Indeed, this industry is essential to our prosperity, thanks to the many commercial exchanges. In addition, it has a considerable impact on the quality of life of Quebecers. In this sense, trucking has a positive impact on job creation, as the transportation logistics chains guarantee employment for more than 115,400 people (2014).

We must never doubt the importance of the trucking industry as much for the Quebec economy as for our ordinary everyday purchases. In addition, it must be kept in mind that what is in the stores has probably, at one time or another, been transported by a trucker. In fact, in Quebec, more than 55% of products are transported by truck.

In addition, road safety is a significant element to consider when we drive. This begins with the awareness of everyone about the importance of sharing the road.

During this National Trucking Week, we invite you to thank our truckers when you see them, as well as all the other members of our team you interact with, who make it possible for us to provide great quality transportation and warehousing services every day.


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by Marilyn Demers
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